Ear Savers

COVID-19 – Ear Savers

One of our founders has been making Ear Savers, a key tool used by hospital staff
and medical professionals to comfortably wear their protective face masks. These
are meant to comfortably wrap around your ears and head while wearing a face mask.
They are adjustable and remove the strap from your ears for increased comfort. The
size is one-size-fits-all, and the extra links can easily be cut off.

We have a limited supply but are happy to do our part to help make life a little easier
with the state’s new mask requirements. Far Eastern Shore Winery’s Ear Savers are
now available for pick-up at the winery free of charge (8370 Ocean Gateway, Easton,
MD). Anyone interested can call our Tasting Room at (410) 690-8756.

Also, we will be including a care package with every delivery order. Care packages
will include two Ear Savers, an instruction card and some Far Eastern Shore Winery
stickers to keep a little piece of us with you.

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