In China, the exotic lychee fruit is considered “the King of Fruits” . Our white wine foundation highlights and compliments the sweet, tangy lychee fruit, and finishes with a hint of ripe strawberries. Serve gently chilled and enjoy with everything from Asian inspire dishes to macaroni and cheese.
Strawberry and Lychee on Gewürztraminer.
Contains 7.5% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar.


Grapes with crisp pears supported by early season peaches with just a hint of cranberry, are blended, resulting in a perfect combination that's refreshing year round. Pairs well grilling, picnics, and beaches!
Ingredients: Pear and Peach on a Traminette base.
Contains 9% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar.


White cranberry juice is less tart than regular cranberry juice due to an earlier harvest than the traditional red cranberries. Our wine bursts with the sweetness that has made white cranberry a unique and popular flavor in juice. This wine is very easy to drink and is perfect for backyard barbecues and sharing with friends. It is also good with Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin pie.
Ingredients: White cranberry juice on a Pinot Gris base.
Contains 7% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar.


We fuse the early-harvest cranberries with a Vidal Blanc and love a little sweet to balance the flavors. Harvest is tingly tart at the start, finishing with the well-rounded Vidal. Serve chilled. Its a perfect companion to any dish.
Ingredients: White Cranberries on Vidal Blanc.
Contains 9.5% ABV with 3% residual sugar.


Delicious peach and apricot flavors are blended with a light grape wine for a thirst-quenching delight. This blending possesses a subtle dryness and perfectly balanced acidity, with hints of its own citrus and fruit flavors. The result is irresistibly refreshing and perfect for any occasion. Enjoy any time, or with melons, light cheese, and crackers.
Ingredients: Peach and apricot on a Chardonnay base.
Contains 7% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar


White Shiraz builds a flavor foundation that highlights the dragon fruit's delicate taste. A touch of tangy raspberries rounds out the flavor for a tasting experience that you will want to enjoy again and again. Serve chilled with BBQ chicken, ribs, salmon, green curry, or all by itself.
Ingredients: Raspberries and dragon fruit on a white Shiraz base.
Contains 7.5% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar.


The medium-pink grape wine lays the groundwork with its exuberant strawberry notes, tangy acidity, and crisp, delicate finish. The natural strawberry flavor weaves in a pleasant sweetness for an immediate and delicious sensation. Fresh and lively, strawberry wine is a natural fruit-and-wine combination that was simply meant to be. Good with fruit, with white cheeses and crackers, or as a refreshment all by itself.
Ingredients: Strawberries on a White Merlot base.
Contains 7% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar.


The jewel-like fruit of the luscious pomegranate gives our wine its unique flavor and color, melding perfectly with the full bodied grape wine. Our wine displays an enjoyable balance of rich fruit and natural acidity, making it highly drinkable and refreshing. Good with pasta, beef stew, and yellow curries. Ingredients: Pomegranate on a Zinfandel base.
Contains 7.5% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar.


We've matched up a special blend of wild field berries blended seamlessly together with delicious, juicy dark grape wine. Taste blueberries, strawberries and blackberries, with an exquisite balance of refreshing fruit and acidity that will have you at the bottom of your glass before you know it. Good with chocolate, cherry pie, and ice cream.
Ingredients: Wild berries on a Shiraz base.
Contains 7% ABV with 1.8% residual sugar.


The natural combination of slight tart acidity with pleasant sweetness that makes Blackberries so appealing is perfect with the robust and lively dark grape wine backing. The balance of berry fruit, natural acidity, plump sweetness, and just that touch of zingy edge makes this a uniquely interesting, drinkable refresher. Good with chocolate, bread, and apples.
Ingredients: Blackberries on a Cabernet Sauvignon base.
Contains 7% ABV with 1.4% residual sugar.


Originally crafted for serving warmed, Winter served chilled during the summer is a refreshing treat that explodes with fruit. When warmed, the spices fill you with holiday spirit and warms you from head to toes! Pairs well with roasts, spicy foods, and life!
Ingredients: Spiced Red Wine with Pomegranates on Zinfandel base and winter spices.
Contains 12% ABV with 8% residual sugar.


Butterfly blends the richness of chocolate with the fruitful flavor of raspberries and dragonfruit. It dances on the palate and will seduce your sense. Lovely by itself, it pairs well with desserts.
Ingredients: Raspberry Dragonfruit with Chocolate.
Contains 14% ABV with 6% residual sugar.


A Riesling-based dessert wine reminiscent of a traditional ice wine. This white dessert wine bursts with the crisp apple-honey flavors that Riesling is known for, finishing with a delicate touch of vanilla. Serve well chilled over fruit, ice cream, and all by itself. Good with lemon cheesecake and fruit cups.
Contains 12% ABV and 6% residual sugar.


Smooth, dark, luscious, rich, and decadent, this wine is a hedonist's dream of succulent raspberries paired with luxurious chocolate. Enjoy our wine along with a deep, dark chocolate dessert, drench your favorite pound cake with it, or simply savor it as dessert in itself. Good with pound cake, cheese cake, or served alone.
Ingredients: Port-style with raspberries and chocolate.
Contains 18% ABV with 4% residual sugar.


Smooth, dark, and luscious, this wine has rich, round aromas and flavors of ripe oranges intertwined with dark chocolate. Sipped at room temperature, this wine is a decadent after-dinner treat that compliments anything from nuts to cheesecake, vanilla ice cream, or summertime fruits.
Ingredients: Port-style with orange and chocolate.
Contains 18% ABV with 4% residual sugar.


Gentle flavors of peppermint compliment luscious dark chocolate and rich coffee notes in a delicious dessert wine. Wonderful with dessert, over dessert, or instead of dessert. Serve chilled to accentuate peppermint notes.
Ingredients: Peppermint Chocolate Mocha on Port-style dessert wine.
Contains 17% ABV with 4% residual sugar.


A luscious marriage of red velvet cake, and dark chocolate, with a hint of coffee, in a delicious dessert wine. Chill to highlight the vanilla notes, serve gently warmed for a wave of chocolate flavor. Serve with dessert, over dessert, or as dessert.
Ingredients: Chocolate Mocha on Port-style dessert wine.
Contains 17% ABV with 4% residual sugar.